De Herberg van Loon

Cafe Restaurant Herberg van Loon


We are Jan and Roelie Ensing and we want to welcome you to our restaurant/hotel 'De Herberg van Loon' which is located in the country-side village Loon. 

We can offer something for everyone, because also people with special diets or vegetarians can enjoy our food. 

A part from diner you can also book a lunch, reception, buffet, party or meeting. And we also have five luxurious hotelrooms, where you can relax in the middle of the rich nature, Drenthe has to offer. 

You can use the menu on top of this page, or the menu located right of this text to find more information about our restaurant/hotel. 

We hope we can welcome you at the Herberg of Loon soon,

Jan and Roelie Ensing.